CD Keys: Overwatch – A Month After Launch

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It’s been a good month since Overwatch came out and, despite the protests of many pessimists, the game’s hype still hasn’t died down. It also doesn’t seem like it’s going to go away anytime soon either.

CD Keys, Overwatch, FPS MOBA, Opinion, Team-based Shooter, Esports 2

The internet is lined with Overwatch memes, homages, fan art, shipping, porn – you name it and it pretty much exists already. With more updates coming up on the horizon and the imminence of competitive mode sometime this week, it’s hard to ignore the impact Overwatch has made, is making, and is going to make not only in the gaming scene in general, but also in esports and arena shooters specifically. This pretty much makes the somewhat “pricey” cd key you bought for Overwatch pretty worth it.

CD Keys: Why is that?

We’ve already wrote an article about how amazing the marketing for Overwatch is and how amazingly attractive its characters and lore are. But the aftermath of this success leads to the ever-rabid Overwatch fanbase. The players that keep Overwatch in the eye of the mainstream gamers are those that simply love Overwatch for the characters and lore; not the actual hardcore, competitive esports players. Sure, there are tons of those pro players already, coming from different games like TF2, CoD, LoL, Dota, and, heck, even fighting games like Street Fighter and Guilty Gear.

But like any franchise, it’s the fans that are invested in the world of a game are what really keep things floating. The Animated shorts, comics, the perfect crafting of each hero’s persona; all these attribute to the major success that it is now and the success that it is going to continue to be. Drizzle in a little of “maybe or maybe not” in the mix and you’ve got one good blend of character-driven lore that is matched only by League of Legends.

Blizzard plans on releasing more lore-related out-of-game content to sate the mechanical masses, so don’t worry about “Hero” being the last animated short. They tread the difficult, yet best, path to success in a game where they balance out the hardcore content for true players of the genre, as well as the more casual side of things to appease the bigger population of Overwatch players.

Blizzard knows how to take care of an IP. This is why Overwatch, much like heroes, will never die.