CD Keys: Overwatch’s Competitive Mode is Here!

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Competitive mode! This is THE feature we’ve all been waiting for since many of us got our launch CD Keys! It was quite unfortunate that it was not available at launch for many feared it would hamper Overwatch being taken seriously. But, apparently, it wasn’t the case and was just something people looked forward to even more in a game as fun and fantastic as Overwatch. The current build is out now on PC with the console versions still soon to come.

CD Keys: What is Competitive Mode like?

For the most part, it’ll still feel like the Overwatch we all know and love, except for a few minute differences that make it truly competitive. Hybrid and Payload maps like Dorado, Watchpoint: Gibraltar, Route 66, King’s Row, Numbani, Hollywood are played in pretty much the same way as any quick play match, except that time is a factor here. The team with the better time in pushing the payload essentially is the winner. If both teams are able to push completely, subsequent matches will continue on that will consider time in taking or doing specific objectives to determine the winner. For example, in Gibraltar, Team 1 is able to push the payload onto the first checkpoint in 1 minute and 30 seconds, while Team 2 is able to do the same in less that time, Team 2 will win at this junction.

Arena, CD Key, CD keys, Esports, fps, MMORPG, MOBA, Multiplayer, News, Opinion, Overwatch, PvP, Review, Tips, 2

For Assault maps/ 2CP maps like Hanamura, Temple of Anubis, Volskaya Industries, the same time bank applies, but is more focused on timer entirely until a team fails their limits.

It’s a bit more different in King of the Hill maps / Control maps like Nepal, Ilios, Lijiang Tower. This is also the game mode that is impossible to end in a tie due to it playing pretty much the same. In Competitive mode, it’s best of 5 rather than best of 3, so you need to win a total of 3 rounds in order to win the whole match.

Sudden Death, for the first two mentioned modes, is a mixed bag that can inadvertently lead you to lose due to RNG. Payload maps and Assault maps will have a sudden death where the two teams, chosen at random as to who attacks or defends, have to complete the first objective point, either defending it completely or taking it as their role would dictate. This is obvious more in the favor of whoever gets the attacker phase due to the innate ease of taking the first point on most maps. Blizzard says that they will be improving the system in future seasons, but we have to stick with it for season one in the meantime.

All of this taken together, I’m glad I got my Collector’s edition CD Keys for Overwatch. This game never fails to impress.