CD Keys: Scariest Rooms in Gaming


Games that are legit scary can be hard to find. Sure, there are those gems found in the form of, let’s say, the original Silent Hill games, the earlier Resident Evil games, and even more obscure ones like Amnesia¬†and Eternal Darkness, but, these days, they’re diamonds in the rough.

However, there are some things that aren’t scary as a whole, but merely one facet or aspect of the game that makes you shit your pants before everything ends. The video below is some of the scariest rooms found in video game history. Some of the games aren’t even from actual horror games and you certainly wouldn’t expect them to have hardcore horror elements that are scary enough to unhinge even the most steadfast of gamers.

CD Keys: Taken for Granted

We all look for the flat-out scary games that can keep us on edge while we’re playing and linger in our minds even after we played them. Sometimes, the scariest parts of a story isn’t in its entirety, but that one singular moment when we feel so helpless there’s nothing we could possibly do to impede the creeping terror that approaches.

There are a couple of scary games in the horizon of 2016 and 2017, and, hopefully, we can add more scary rooms to this list. Resident Evil 7 is definitely something we should look out for as it aspires to become what Silent Hills’ P.T. was gunning for. If Capcom pulls that off right, we may even be adding every single room in that game to the list.


But if you’re looking for something awesomely frightening now, then look no further than the video above. The feature may be on rooms, but most of the games featured are some of the best horror games available on the market. And considering that many of these games are old, you can most certainly expect to find CD Keys and game keys for them at rock-bottom prices.

Until then, stay spooky!