CD Keys Spotlight: Overwatch Anti-Turret Strategy

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So, I get into this Volskaya defense, right? As the game starts, my team is able to cap the first point without any problems, pushing aside the decent and proper enemy team of a Hanzo, Reinhardt, Mercy, Reaper, Genji, and Torbjorn.

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We think that this is going to be a cinch when, all of a sudden, as we try to rush the 2nd capture point, we are met with a stack of 3 Torbs, 2 Bastions, and a single Lucio. They set up pretty quickly considering that they were getting rushed already. None of us could get close enough to take out a turret or a Bastion without getting shredded at a moment’s notice by the other defensive peripherals they had.

It was pretty obvious that we had to counter their stacking with a different kind of hero stacking, but as we were true believers in the 1 hero limit, we decided to forego that option and just keep at it to the best of our abilities. Sadly, we just got rekt for the whole 8 mins we had to be able to penetrate their defenses. While I think that more people should practice the 1 Hero limit rule, even in casual play, there are times when you do have to hero stack just to be able to compete properly. Though, even if we were all fine with stacking, what was it were we supposed to stack against a team like that?

CD Keys: Zarya, Turret Puncher

Well, the good guy from Fallout Plays came up with a very simple strategy that is quite effective against turret teams of all sorts, especially with 2CP maps like Hanamura, Volskaya, or Temple of Anubis. Take a look at the video below:

Isn’t it beautiful? While it may look grand and absolutely punishing for the turret stackers, just remember that just because it’s a counter to the turret team, it certainly doesn’t mean you’re invincible. The whole team in this vid was just absolutely coordinated, knowing when and where to plant their ultimates, as well as focusing on specific targets first before anything else. This is definitely worth the Overwatch CD Keys.