CD Keys Spotlight: Overwatch – Lore and Animations

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Yeah, you know we’d head here eventually. But, by now, you all probably know that Overwatch offers the Team Fortress 2 experience with bewbs and waifus. However, that’s not a fair thing to say as it offers an entirely unique experience of FPS Multiplayer Online Battle Arena or, as most of you keep denying, a MOBA. Overwatch counts as a MOBA; deal with it.

Overwatch, CD Keys, Game Keys, Sell Game Keys, Animated Short, Blizzard 1

CD Keys: Seriously, Watch Overwatch

Other than being stupidly fun and Esports-worthy, Overwatch offers a rich and amazing lore that Blizzard developed. We all know what Blizzard is capable of in terms of immersion and lore creation as we can see with their flagship game, World of Warcraft, and through all the preceding games they’ve made through the years. This time, however, they’re attempting to topple down the TF2 Game Keys monopoly of the FPS MOBA by throwing their hat in the ring with more god damn immersion than you can handle.

I personally dislike FPS, but Blizzard knows how to tug at a person’s preferences by covering a huge swath of player interests in their Overwatch animated shorts. If you’ve been living under a rock for the past few months, Blizzard created these short cinematics to introduce players to the new world of Overwatch.

Game Keys: Another Reason To Play – Tracer’s Hawt AF

The latest they’ve released was but a few days ago from the time of this writing and presents an interesting peek into the day-to-day of this alternate world. Let’s watch!

This is their final animated short for this season and will continue on once the game’s gained a bit more traction than it already has. Frankly, with how beautifully crafted the animated shorts are for Overwatch, I’m dumbfounded as to why this doesn’t have a web series or something yet. Like I said earlier, I dislike the FPS genre as I find the incessant arena shooting to be repetitive, but the world of Overwatch is just so grand and damned interesting that I really want to try my hand on it. There are other cinematics to be found so just try searching for them on Youtube. If they release another fantastic lore-filled Animation on Overwatch, or even a full blown story episode set in the world, I might be getting me an Overwatch CD Keys right then and there, granted I find a good place that will sell Game Keys of Overwatch that is reliable. Until then, I’ll keep on a lookout for anymore of Blizzard’s persuasion tactics for me and others to begin our watch.