CD Keys Spotlight: Overwatch’s Hero Limit

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I’m sure, from time to time in Overwatch, you’ve all encountered that one team that decided to go the extra mile and pick 5 Bastions and a Lucio. The 6 Torbjörn team isn’t too uncommon as well and I’ve certainly encountered a lot of D.Va and Reinhardt spams. Must be a good CD Keys purchase for all that crap, amirite?

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Quick play is for casuals – plain and simple. What goes on there is nobody’s business and you’d be an asshat to take it seriously unless you’re practicing to get better for Overwatch’s competitive mode that will soon be released. But that’s the biggest worry in everybody’s minds: Will there be a single hero limit in the competitive mode and in future Overwatch Tournaments?

CD Keys: Stacking is Hardly Ever Fun

Take for example in a tournament a month back, in the grand finals between Cloud9 and Team Liquid, the former, for most of the tournament, maintained a 2 Winston, 2 Lucio, and 2 Tracer/McCree composition that hardly ever changed. Sure, there were some modifications in certain matches, but it was the relatively same rushdown comp that led them to victory.

There’s no denying that the players here are skilled, but I’m really more focused on the idea that hero stacking is going to essentially ruin Overwatch’s meta. How? Well, with the ability to use duplicate heroes, there’s the possibility that there’s going to be a “God” composition where it suddenly becomes the be-all-end-all of compositions, making other compositions almost pointless to use, at least competitively.

What bothers me is that Overwatch, an FPS Moba, didn’t go with the the standard default of other Mobas like Dota or LoL where the same hero pick isn’t allowed, accessible only through console commands upon the agreement of both teams. This gives those games more depth in team composition, making every game a surprise to both viewers and players.

This also became the problem in Blizzard’s last foray into Esports in the form of Heroes of the Storm. For the longest time, there were specific god comps that ran around the game, making it boring and stale due to fighting against, or with, the same comp over and over again. If you didn’t know how to run it the “standard” way, then you’d be far from its competitive spectrum.

A “same hero” pick removes the complexity and versatility from Mobas in general and only serve to make these repetitive-by-nature games, well, boringly repetitive. If Blizzard ever wants to turn their newest and genuinely amazing IP into a full blown Esport, it’s got to implement a single hero default into its competitive mode and tournaments or fall into a trap of boring plays and predictable outcomes.