CD Keys Spotlight: Overwatch’s Sounds of Death – Ultimates

With Overwatch storming the PC CD keys industry, millions of players have been going at it with quick play matches and competitive plays all over the world. While one might think that everybody’s caught up with what’s what in Overwatch, there are still tons of new blood entering the game and boning up on the basics.

The Sounds of Death video is an awesome vid to watch and see what to look out for in Overwatch. What, exactly, do newbies have to look out for? Only the most important death-prevention possible: The sound of an ultimate activating. Let’s watch!

CD Keys: The Very Need-to-Know Basics

There are tons of other basics folks should learn when starting out in Overwatch, but the sounds every hero makes when they activate an ult must take precedence over learning anything else.

If you still didn’t get it in the video, it’s because that ultimates (Q) are SUPPOSED to be overpowered. Don’t hate on the “imbalance” of a character because Reaper’s Deathblossom wiped your team or Junkrat’s tire one-shotted you outright; they’re supposed to be that way.

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This video lets you know how to be wary of these “cheats” and to give you tips on how to avoid them as best as you possibly can. You certainly won’t be able to survive all the time, but you can be a big help to your team if you know the best possible course of action when encountering these.

It goes without saying that these ultimates can be combo’d into one another and is a topic all entirely different from just knowing them individually. It’s also pretty evident that certain ultimates can counter other ultimates like Phara’s Barrage being shutdown by an amazingly time Zenyatta ultimate. The possibilities in Overwatch are endless and plays of epic proportions will occur all the time. It’s best to get to know them all and kick ass for your team and get your money’s worth on those Overwatch CD keys.