Do you guys think AZA Miyuko pays for league of legends boosting?



There’s this cute South Korean cosplayer gal named AZA Miyuko, who cosplays a lot of fictional characters both from the anime world and the gaming world. One of her most famous cosplays that I and a lot of her fans (male, mostly) are really fond of is her Ahri cosplay, from League of Legends. The character just fits her physique, skin and facial features so much, that it’s almost a perfectly identical match. I have a crush on her, and I’ve been fortunate enough to be graced with her physical presence in the same room at least once in my life. She’s been to my country once for a fan meet-and-greet event and autograph/picture signing. Man, I can still remember it like it was yesterday. I was filming her the whole time using my phone camera, and I didn’t care that the ushers and guards were telling me to stop. I felt like a rabid fanboy, almost like a creepy stalker. Word has it that she plays League of Legends too. I just wonder sometimes, for a cosplay celebrity like her with a hectic schedule, does she even have time to actually grind in League of Legends, or does she just take a shortcut and pay for league of legends boosting? Please leave a comment below if you happen to know the answer to this, as I am highly curious. Thanks in advance.




I have to get some league of legends boosting to impress AZA Miyuko


Man, I really need to get into League of Legends soon so I can at least have the chance to meet AZA Miyuko online. Then, since I’m just starting out, I need to get myself some lol boosting and keep up with her level so I can at least impress her and get her attention. It might not make me stand out, but it’s worth a shot!



Rabid fanboy desperately in need of league of legends boosting, please help


I have not the slightest clue where to find some cheap lol boost service. I really need to do my research, but in the meantime, can someone please tell me how I can get them? Please put those links on the comments section below. Much appreciated!

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