Y Double Hit Strikes of Echo Saber for Dota 2 Items

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Echo Saber is an item specially designated for melee heroes. This can give heroes the ability to strike or attack twice right after the initial attack hits the target.

There are several heroes who benefit this Dota 2 Items such as hard carry heroes but this will depend on their skills if the item really suits the hero.

Dota 2, Dota 2 Items, Dota Items, MOBA, Online Game, Steam, Tips, Valve

Heroes who benefit the Echo Saber and other Dota 2 Items

There are several heroes that benefit the echo saber. Here are the heroes who found this item very effective;

  • Sven – With his God’s Strength Ability and Great Cleave he can bring down 2 devastating hits easily. Given that this hero doesn’t have the right amount of attack speed to get an early advantage against agility heroes. Echo saber is the right item together with his God’s Strength Skill.
  • Legion Commander – Her Duel Ultimate skill has time limit, she must kill his enemy before the duel item expires. But due to her lack of attack speed in an early game. There are times that you might fail to win the duel. With echo Saber she can hit the enemy twice. I also noticed that the Moment of Courage passive skill also stacks with echo saber which means she can attack the target four (4) times.
  • Ursa – Even if the Overpower is on cooldown, echo saber can help Ursa to hit the enemy twice. This is very effective for the Fury Swipes.
  • Spectre – Spectre’s desolate skill stacks on the echo saber. This means the bonus damage of her passive skill over rides the 2x attack ability of the echo saber.
  • Broodmother – With her insatiable hunger ultimate with echo saber, striking 2 times in a row is severely painful due to the skill’s lifesteal and damage.

Melee Heroes who doesn’t benefit of this Dota items

Heroes with damage increasing skills but with cooldown are not that effective with echo saber Dota Items. Here are some of the heroes I’m talking about;

  • EarthShaker – The damage increase of enchant totem will be used if he successfully hits a target. It will trigger the echo saber but the second hit will be not affected by the damage increase of Enchant Totem
  • Kunkka – Same goes with the Tidebringer skill, it will trigger the echo saber but the second strike is not buffed with Tidebringer due to its cooldown.
  • Bounty Hunter – the Jinada Crit and slow wont stack on the 2x strike of echo saber too due to its cooldown.

Same goes for the heroes with passive critical abilities, yes there are chances that the critical will hit twice on the target but it is important to get the core item or items that will change the game for your team.