Find Fallout 4 CD Keys Cheap

Bethesda’s latest installment of the Fallout series, Fallout 4, is their most ambitious yet. With its top-of-the-line graphics and a brand new wasteland to explore, this may be the best Fallout yet. I can’t wait to buy CD keys or physical copy of it.

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What’s New in Fallout 4?

The days of repairing weapons and armors are long gone. Equipment no longer has any durability for you to mind, so you can keep using that pistol you found early in the game until the end. However, leaving that gun in its base state would be boring. You now can modify weapons for a variety of effects from increasing damage to decreasing spread, even adding a scope for more accuracy.

Remember all those junk you can pick up in former Fallout games? In Fallout 4, they now have a use! They’re ingredients for a selection of things you could build, for your settlements. Walls, fences, cages, buildings, turrets, you name it. Settlements are also an additional feature in the game. You can gather people there, have them man shops, farm, and make a living. They could also be a base for you where you can restock your supplies and rest. They get attacked once in a while, so you should leave them well-defended.

The VATS also gets some modifications to it. Time no longer stops when using VATS. Otherwise, it works the same as in the other games. You can aim at specific parts of your enemies for a range of effects, from blinding to restricting movement. It also still uses AP, which you can actually use to sprint now.

You can now see how your companions react to certain actions of yours. They could leave and refuse to be your companion if you do enough actions they don’t like. You can also romance some of them if you so desired.

Where to Find CD Keys

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