Get a Superhot CD Key!

With indie games on the rise, it’s not much of a stretch to find an unusual game that plays with tried and true game mechanics. One example is Superhot, a first-person shooter where time only moves when you do. It puts a whole new spin on usually action-packed FPS games. It gives you the power to stop time as long as you don’t move. Then you can plan what to do next, and move to act on it. Interested? There are many ways to get a CD key for it.

More on Superhot

It was developed by the Superhot Team originally for the 7 Day FPS Challenge. Their inspiration for Superhot came from a flash game where time moves when you do and a music video showing an agent escaping a hostage situation using parkour and gunplay. These two things gave them the basis for this game. The prototype for the Challenge only featured three levels, and they released the game as a free browser game on September 2013. The game received positive reception, so much that Steam Greenlight processed it the fastest at the time. Thus, the developers sought funding to develop it as a full game. Now, it has an approximately thirty-level long campaign and more weapons than the prototype. In addition, they added an endless and challenge mode in the fully developed game.

While it feels like a puzzle game most of the time, it is still an action game since there are multiple ways of completing the level. You can choose to not use any weapons, punching everybody to complete levels. Also, the game looks very minimalistic, only using white red and black.

Get a CD Key for Superhot

As I said, there are many ways to get a CD key for Superhot. You could buy it on Steam, or get a CD key from your friend or other people. Whatever method you got your game, enjoy this unique and novel game. There will come a time when better and more well-developed games appear, so getting this game now won’t be much of a waste.