I might just create an Overwatch account


I just saw an introduction video to the game Overwatch, and I must say that I am surprisingly intrigued enough to actually consider making an Overwatch account. I was expecting a regurgitated and repackaged cookie-cutter type of first person shooter game with zero substance, but I was proven wrong after all. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a first person shooter game like this before where you would actually need to strategize and think, but maybe I just haven’t explored the genre enough to know better.


Blizzard Entertainment

Blizzard Entertainment

Create an Overwatch account through the Blizzard website

The game actually mixes and incorporates role elements commonly found in e-sports game like Dota (Dawn of the Ancients) or League of Legends, that is, the characters you use in-game are designated with specific roles in battle, namely: offensive, defensive, support, and tank. Offensive roles are in charge of damage dealing in the front lines, defensive roles are for support fire in the back lines, support roles are for healing and resurrecting teammates, and tank roles are for absorbing damage in the front lines as well as melee brawling in the front lines. Each of these four roles have their own strengths and weaknesses that balance and complement each other out. As Blizzard is the creator of both Dota and Overwatch, it isn’t really surprising why Overwatch shares the same role-playing element, so if you want to create an account, you know where to go.


Create an Overwatch account now and play with various original heroes

Usually, a first person shooter game offers weapon pick-ups in-game within the maps, but Overwatch being a unique entry of its kind doesn’t have this feature because the player is offered the choice to play as heroes that come with unique abilities and weapons. For example, Hanzo uses bows and arrows, Reaper uses dual-wielding shotguns, another robot-type character utilizes turrets, another character uses hammers, so on and so forth.  There is a total of 21 heroes to choose from, and all of these heroes’ abilities and weapons are already unlocked and accessible by default right from the beginning of the game, so there’s no need to worry about imbalance or tactical advantages/disadvantages mid-game.