Let’s start off with the crème de la crème of what we all really want to know first in World of Warcraf: Legion – the classes.

During the pre-patch invasion events, WoW was already updated to reflect the balance changes intended for Legion along with a slew of other improvements like animations and whatnot. But the biggest draw of this was the early access, for those that bought the Legion pre-order, to the much touted Demon Hunter. This was one class that folks waited on for YEARS. People have been clamoring for this class since the vanilla days due to how popular Illidan Stormrage is among the old Warcraft fans. While it’s an amazing class befitting the title of “Hero Class,” it did leave the other classes with a bad taste in their mouths.

Class Balance in Legion

But first thing is first; Mages are always going to be god tier with one spec or another, Death Knights are just mages in plate, and Rogues, no matter how hard Blizzard tries, will never be able to balance them.


While this is expected in every major class balancing update in WoW, every other class appeared to get the shaft. At level 100, Hunters were a shit spec, Warriors lacked pretty much everything, Monk mobility got gutted to make Demon Hunters look special, Demo Locks have become almost unplayable, and don’t even get me started with the Paladin. If you were one of the players that got turned off by the fact that your class sucked in pre-patch Legion, I really can’t blame you if you quit WoW outright.

However, giving the game a chance, it turns out that a lot of the scaling has been changed since beta and all the classes have improved to a point where everything is pretty much balanced. The Artifact Weapons truly make a world of a difference along with the increased level cap, making the horrible experience at pre-patch 100 to be nothing more than a passing, on-going balance phase.

This is looking at it on the PvE side of things as PvP will never, ever be truly balanced in any way, shape, or form. But going back to PvE, I daresay that Legion is the most balanced of all the expansions to date. If this was what turned you off from WoW in the first place, I’d say that it’s totally worth a Legion CD key purchase because it’s way better in the actual live game.