Questing, for the longest time, has been mired with linearity and predictability that it’s just an absolute bore for most people. The mere mention of “leveling” is enough to put off the average WoW player from leveling other characters past his or her first. The tedium of the medium is, in itself, at fault for propagating WoW power leveling services in first place because people don’t want to waste their time repeating the same quests over and over that give them no pleasure to do.

In Legion, while they haven’t fixed the repetitive nature of the concept, they have, in fact, were able to aptly remove the linearity by offering players their own leveling path through the four leveling zones of the Broken Isles.

Legion CD Key: Flexible Questing

Blizzard implemented the flexible questing by letting players have a choice on what zone to take on. They can do this from their Order halls in the beginning of the expansion, letting them experience everything at their own pace. All mobs in every leveling zone scale to the player’s level, so there really isn’t any worry that you may end up in a zone with max level mobs while you are a measly level 100. This is huge for people that want to knock out a specific zone early or if they simply don’t want to fuss over what comes next or before, lining them up perfectly with profession quests or Class quests.


Speaking of class quests, Blizzard was able to somewhat alleviate the repetitive nature of questing by introducing order hall quests; quests that are specifically tailored and designed for specific classes, having their own class story ala Star Wars: The Old Republic. Each is unique and usually requires a decent level of knowledge of your class in order to finish. These can be done at certain levels, with the final class quest available at level 110. So, even if you’ve gone through the zones multiple times, there’s something to look forward to in your leveling experience as you get to see the multiple stories each class has.

This, by itself, is enough to merit a purchase of a Legion CD key. Stay tuned for the next parts of this review in progress of World of Warcraft: Legion.