Jungling Heroes in Farming for Dota 2 Items

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There are things that you need to consider if you’re going to get the jungle with your hero. In farming Dota 2 items, sustaining ability is the most important thing since this will make you durable and survive the neutral creeps. Unlike if you’re killing enemy creeps you have your creeps to take damage for you as you kill and last hit creeps.

Here is the list of my most recommended jungle heroes which can survive but can still farm in jungle.

Dota 2, Dota 2 Items, Dota Items, Games, MOBA, Online Game, Steam, Tips, Valve

Dota 2 Items for Jungling Heroes

Below are the names of the heroes that I usually use which can be durable enough to survive the farming phase; these heroes can farm without depending on their items or any hindrance that will make them to farm slower in the early phase of the game.

  • Legion Commander – by getting an initial item of iron talon, she gets an additional armor to block some of the attacks of medium camps. Due to her Moment of Courage passive, she can lifesteal to creeps as long as she is getting hit. Press the attack skill can give her attack speed and HP regeneration.
  • Tidehunter – because of his kraken shell, he is durable enough to tank the incoming damages from large and medium camps. The Kraken shell can also block the damages if the camp is stacked by 3 or 4. He doesn’t have sustaining abilities but his Kraken Shell passive is enough to keep him alive.
  • Sand King – Even if you stacked a large camp 5 times he won’t receive any damage since the Sand Storm skill will hide him while he deals damage on the creep camp.
  • Blood Seeker – by his Blood Rage skill, he can heal his HP just by last hitting the creep as long as the Blood Rage is buffed. The heal will depend on the creep’s max HP.

The common items you can rely on farming in jungle is the Iron Talon which is usually used by heavy carry heroes.

Jungling Support Heroes with Dota Items

Support Heroes can go jungling as well;

  • Venomancer – By simply spamming his Plague ward, he can deal damage on neutral camps with ease.
  • Nature’s Prophet – Nature’s call’s treants are very helpful for Furion’s farming capability. His treants are tanky enough for medium camps before the next cooldown of the skill is active.
  • Enchantress – she can control any kinds of neutral creep to her side which can help her tank the other neutral camps.
  • Chen – He can control up 4 neutral creeps, once he controlled 2 centaurs he can farm in the jungle without getting any damage.

Regeneration Items such as ring of health, headdress (Mekansm) or hood of defiance will help you regenerate in time.