Overwatch Account: Are You One?

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Overwatch is a team based, first person shooting game. You team up with five other people and do the objective of the map to win. Team up and do the objective, pretty simple right? WRONG! If you don’t have your own team of six, teaming up with random people is not an easy task. Even more so on doing the objective! Sometimes you are the only one who is willing to do the objective. Thus comes out not only the salt, but the adjective players online love to use nowadays, toxicity. There are a lot of definitions of toxic and the standards of every person using the word on what they think is toxic. But the word is so overused, I noticed that it is losing its real meaning. Well, some Overwatch Account owners do think that there are a lot of toxic players in the game.

Overwatch Account: Not All Though

Even though the number of toxic players is rising in Overwatch, people should still remember that not all are such. There are still understanding and friendly players in the game. I want to echo this post by CaptRory in the Overwatch subReddit:

We hear a lot about toxic players so I wanted to remind everyone that there are good and nice people who play the game. There are people that are encouraging or who don’t mind explaining things to people patiently or who do their best to be good sports and at least make a token effort to encourage the other team even if one side completely smoked the other.

You guys know who you are. Thank You.

 Overwatch Accounts, Overwatch Account, Overwatch, Blizzard

So yeah, there are still players who are fun to play with regardless of skill level. Not all are toxic like how people think now. Maybe they are just tired of losing thus making them “toxic.” Let’s just enjoy the game and keep on leveling our Overwatch Accounts!