Overwatch Account Bugged: From 0 to 5000 Rank

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A curiosity has arisen in Overwatch statistics like MasterOverwatch: A Korean player, going by the name of IzA attempted to tank his rank in competitive mode, similar to the endeavors of many other players already, and has, indeed, hit rock bottom. However, what he didn’t count on was, that past rock bottom, he would obtain the most coveted rank of them all, 5000.

That’s right, due to a glitch in the system, IzA, despite losing every single match, has obtained the highest possible rank in Season 2. Apparently, getting deducted in rank even more past 0 had his rank roll back to the highest, unlike that of season 1 where the 0 rank would merely reset on itself. Glitches are quirky things, aren’t they? But with this info out in public, tons of other players are trying to tank their rank just to get to Diamond as quickly and as easily as possible.


Overwatch Account: Bugged Beyond Belief

This is obviously no intended. However, if Blizzard wants to maintain the integrity of their competitive mode, they certainly have to patch this as soon as possible or else everybody’s going to be having some sordidly red marking in their stats. Knowing Blizzard, however, this is going to be rectified very quickly and may have even been already patched out as I’m typing this sentence.

Besides, even with the highest rank, it’s really no fun to see that obscene-looking win ratio. While it was a curious discovery by IzA, it certainly becomes cheating for those who just tank for the rank and may even be punished for going for an exploit like this. So, if it’s still live, do take care as to not exploit this lest you end up like the thousands of salty cheaters that Blizzard has banned in the past few months. So, yeah, take care of your Overwatch account.

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