Is It worth Making an Overwatch account?

Overwatch took the world by storm once it got released. With its quirky characters fast-paced gameplay, it charmed a lot of people, gamer and non-gamer alike. Overwatch account numbers skyrocketed.

That’s why, when Blizzard announces or releases something controversial, the internet explodes. One example of this was the announcement that Lena Oxton, also called Tracer, was a lesbian. Forums and social media flooded with varying opinions on this, ranging from celebration to extreme disgust. There are those who didn’t care, those who loved it, and those who loathed it so much that feeling spilled over to the people who expressed joy over it. Peace gave way to arguments and hurtful statements.


Now, they’re griping about Mei’s new skin, made for the celebration of the Chinese New Year. A bug made her look skinny when using that one skin. Again, the internet exploded. There were less fans that agreed with this, more disagreed. For a majority, it was about body representation. Anyway, I don’t get why people are making it a big deal. Whether it is a bug or not, if it doesn’t affect gameplay in anyway, I won’t care about it very much. Besides, unless the skin has some gameplay advantage of some sort, it could be that it’s not worth buying anyway.

To make or not to make an Overwatch account

My point is, a big part of playing any multiplayer games is the community. If the community is toxic, it’s gonna be hard to play with others in that game. It won’t make others feel like making an Overwatch account (or buying it, there are Overwatch accounts for sale) and playing it, much less enjoy it, if the other players in the community are mean or hurtful. Sure arguments are healthy, but only when done right. Some people just have a need to feel superior that they have to be mean to anybody who disagrees with them. We are imperfect people. We can be wrong sometimes. Some people just can’t accept that.

Opinions are good, but pushing and threatening other people to subscribe to your own opinion isn’t. Other people are entitled to their own opinions too.