Overwatch Accounts in Competitive Play

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We are midway, approaching the end of season 2 of rank in Overwatch. Time flies really fast! Of course, people, or more specifically players, have their opinions on how Season 2 Competitive is so far. All those Overwatch Accounts in the battlefield affect the observations of these critics. Let us see one example.

One of Overwatch Accounts Opinion

Here is the post of Ottobawt in the Overwatch sub-reddit:

Got placed 2200, hovered in high gold for a long time, climbed to 2800, held for a while, then the past couple weeks, been on a power dive down to 2300.

Matches are just awful. It’s never a good fight, where both sides fight well and even a loss feels fair.
It’s like getting paired with a bunch of mush heads vs a team of slightly luckier mush heads which ends in a s***y feeling loss.
Even more frequent trolls that ever; offensive symetras, wall grieving meis, bad hanzos/bastion/torbs that refuse to switch.

I’m a tank main, I’m playing my best to try and “tank” for the team, but it’s like trying to babysit suicidal retard babies.

It’s been forever that I’ve been on a balanced team that is even half competent.

Yes I do attempt to team up with other good players I’ve met, which can have it’s perks, but even then, it’s hard to get a full team of reliable people… AND EVEN THEN we keep getting unranked people in their placement matches, like wtf, we’re all plat and diamond, and we have a level 20 something hanzo doing what hanzo’s do best (not much).

Ignoring the rant half of my post, I really feel like the player base has been lacking lately. I’m wondering if anyone else is experiences my kind of bad luck?

Overwatch Accounts, Overwatch Account, Overwatch

Of course, this does not apply to every Overwatch Account. Not all players are like that. So yeah, what do you think of his post? Let us know in the comments section!