My Love-Hate Relationship with Overwatch

I remember the time when I had to write an article about Overwatch before it was officially released. I said to myself way back that I won’t buy a Overwatch because it’s just a MOBA FPS hybrid and I wasn’t a fan of both. Well, here I am, addicted to the game. Yes, I bought the game eventually. With all the hype and all the videos I watched because I had to write about it, I gave in to the temptation and I have to say, it’s the most worth-it $60 I bought in a long while. Now, I love the game. I love Overwatch.

The Best Thing is the Worst in my Overwatch Account

One reason I hated the idea of Overwatch was that I assumed it will be an imbalanced game. The idea of heroes with abilities in a first person shooter, there will be a balancing issue and it will be a disaster. I apparently underestimated Blizzard. They made it work and continue on doing a good job in making sure the game is balanced. That is why I love in Overwatch and that keeps me playing. Overwatch is the most balanced game I ever played.

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I also hate the fact that Overwatch is balanced. No one player can carry the team. Every member of the team has to do their part to attain victory. Every clash requires the whole team’s coordination and participation. Unlike the two most popular MOBA in the gaming industry now, that one carry can dictate a win. No, in Overwatch, every member is important and to some extent, I hate it. I feel so hopeless when my team loses. I say to myself, “am I not good enough to carry my team?” and it is always a downer when I’m in that state. I sometimes want to delete my Overwatch Account in frustration and despair.

Giving more thought to it, the same reason I love and hate the game, I appreciate Overwatch more because again, it is the most balanced game I ever played which I have been searching for a long while now. A game wherein every part of the team is vital in winning. So yeah, I will take that over a game where one can carry a whole team. What do you think? Do you agree with me or at least relate? Share your opinion on the comments section below.