Redeem Codes: Overwatch Summer Olympics Loot Boxes!

With the latest update but a mere few hours ago from the time of this writing, Blizzard has introduced its first ever event skins for Overwatch!

Live right now on PC, Xbox, and PS4 are the Summer Olympics-themed loot boxes for Overwatch! These exclusive event items are available only from today until the 22nd of August when the Summer Olympics close in Rio de Janeiro.

Each loot box, like the regular loot boxes in game, have four random Summer Olympics-themed items. These range from awesomely Legendary skins to neat little sprays that highlight the hype and fanfare of these games. There is a whopping total of 90 event items to be collected and, get this, is exclusive to in-store purchases on your favored platform’s cash shop.

Redeem Codes: The Dreaded Cash Shop

Yup, to get any of these items, you simply can’t buy them with your in-game credits; you need to pay real, hard cash to obtain Xbox redeem codes, PSN redeem codes, and PC redeem codes for even just a glimpse of any of these loot boxes and their exclusive event content.

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These, however, cost as much as the regular Overwatch loot box for $1.99 per two loot boxes, effectively costing at 1 dollar per loot box. While that’s all well and good that a company would like to earn a living through their product, tons of players have already flocked to the official Blizzard forums and reddit to continuously complain about the exclusivity of these items.

Some argue that these should have an option to be purchasable with in-game credits as with the rest of the cosmetic stuff in the Hero Gallery. Truly, a lot of people are extremely excited about these event cosmetic items that they’re going out of their way to actually complain about its status as exclusive cash-shop only items.

Check out your game right now and it’s most likely already patched in your region. However people feel about the method of acquiring the items are, it still doesn’t take away from the fact that these skins, sprays, poses, and emotes are sweet af. Get ready for a flood of bought PSN redeem codes, Xbox redeem codes, and PC redeem codes getting bought despite all the bemoaning.