SWTOR Credits: A Tale of Two Powertechs

SWTOR Credits

There are eight advanced classes in Star Wars: The Old Republic namely Assassin / Shadow, Sage / Sorcerer, Jedi Knight / Juggernaut, Sentinel / Marauder, Sniper / Gunslinger, Scoundrel / Operative, Commando / Mercenary and last but definitely not the least Vanguard / Powertech. Yeah I would have said 16 but no, because the other faction side is only the counterpart of the other.

A SWTOR player who plays a whole lot would normally have at least max leveled all eight classes in one faction. Yeah I would like to consider myself as “normal” for having all the eight advanced classes in Empire. But then again, I have thirteen maxed out characters from both Empire and Republic. So I am beyond normal. I am addicted to Star Wars: The Old Republic.

SWTOR Credits: Decision Making

Finishing all the daily activities in all of my eight Empire characters does not take all of my time in a day. Yeah, I have so much time to play Star Wars: The Old Republic. Seeing I still have a character slot (perks of being a subscriber), I decided to create ANOTHER character. My guildmate found this out and asked why create another. I said, “For me to have more characters to farm SWTOR Credits with and you can buy SWTOR Credits from me!”

At first I was unsure of what class to pick so I allotted set time for each to use all of my characters and determine which advanced class I enjoy the most.

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Cheap SWTOR Credits: Why?

The title gave it away right? Yeah, I did choose to create another Powertech. I am the main healer of the raid team of my guild and I really love healing the most. Second to that is tanking. So yeah, why Powertech if my first love is healing? Well, most of the time I am alone in the game because most of my guildmates have real life responsibilities. So queueing for raids or dungeons, being a tank Powertech has a higher chance of instant pops (compared to DPS and Healers). I also do not like other people having control of the raid. Having an option to tank as a Powertech means I have the control of the raid team. Yes, trust me. It is like automatic to have raid lead if you are the main tank and people expect that. It is like a norm now, tanks should lead the group.

There are more reasons as to why I picked Powertech and I will share them to you next time!