CD Keys E-sports: EnVyUS Dominating Overwatch

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Overwatch, while managing to be obscenely popular, selling 10 million CD keys, is still finding its legs in the e-sports scene. It’s already quite popular among stream-watchers in both twitch and YouTube, but the competitive scene is still struggling to have a permanent base set rule for its matches. So far, as the weeks go by, it’s becoming more and more clear as to what the community wants and Blizzard is definitely going in to accommodate them. For example, the stopwatch rules on payload maps that have been the standard of payload maps for the past two months in Overwatch […]

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CD Keys: Overwatch and Avoid this Player!

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The Public Test Region (PTR) has recently been made available for Overwatch players in true Blizzard fashion. There, one can find the latest planned patch already up for testing before they apply it to the main core game. While the addition of the competitive mode is exciting, the next major patch has little else other than the run-of-the-mill, quality of life bug fixes like Torbjorn no longer being able to collect scrap while dead or adding in more social options at the start or end of a game. Certainly run-of-the-mill CD Keys balance. But what really got my attention was […]

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