Titanfall 2 CD Key

Titanfall 2 is the sequel to Titanfall (totally unrelated to the ‘Attack on Titan’ anime). Fans of the first game should definitely get a CD key for this sequel.

It is a first person shooter with a little parkour and stealth elements. Pilots, the player characters, can run, jump, climb walls (assisted by jump kits), and use zip-lines. By stringing these actions together, the pilot can move from point to point efficiently. They added new mechanics including holograms that could confuse enemies and the use of a grappling hook. Pilots now have the ability to slide, and the pulse blade, a throwing knife that lets you detect enemies.

Pilots can also use titans, giant mech suits that fall when summoned, hence the titular ‘titanfall’. These titans have three types: the Atlas, the Ogre, and the Stryder. Atlas-class titans are all-rounders, while Ogre-class ones are bulkier. Finally, Stryder-class titans are more nimble and maneuverable than the other two classes. The game also introduces new titans in the form of obtainable chassis in the solo campaign, including the only titan that could fly.

Titanfall 2 adds a solo player campaign, instead of using the campaign multiplayer Titanfall has. It also added environmental/pathfinding puzzles in order to access previously inaccessible areas. Also, in the solo campaign, you control one titan that helps you on your missions. It has a special ability to acquire and use the loadout of the other titan types. This means you could change its weapons and abilities on the fly, for that extra element of surprise.

Why Buy a CD Key for Titanfall 2

While its gameplay is not really all that different from its predecessor, fans of Titanfall will still enjoy this sequel. You can get it for PS4 and Xbox One, or buy it from EA’s Origin store. Otherwise, you could buy a CD key from other players. With the prices of games climbing steadily, finding cheap CD keys would be a pain.