Trolling the Trolls: Clash of Clans Account Tactics

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There are several kinds of bases in Clash of Clans as you find your target of attack. Sometimes your attack fails on bases which you think it’s easy to raid but getting nothing in the end. Using your clash of clans account here are some of the troop composition that you can use for troll bases. Because troll bases are troll and this will bring the worst out of you if you failed attacking with your Clash of Clans Troops for that base and this will make the village owner laugh at you.

clash of clans account trolls

Clash of Clans Troops to Fight Trolls

Once you encounter a troll base but your troops are like you’re ready for a clan war, you can take down these kinds of bases.

  • Train troops as you we’re attacking in clan war; by this method, the chance of your failure in attack is minimal since your troops are made to be tough. These troops consist of golems, P.E.K.K.As, dragons, balloons and other troops that are usually used in the clan war. Remember that your spells must be well composed by your troop composition since troll bases have defenses as well. By taking the right combination of spells your troops will surely survive in the attack. It will also help you get the loots especially if the troll base that you are attacking has maxed defense.
  • Monitor your troop usage especially if the troll base is lower than your level. For example: Your troops are good for Town Hall 9 but your selected target is Town hall 7, you should monitor the troops that you’re going to use to reduce your Elixir usage. Since your target is lower than your troops, deploying all of your troops is not recommended especially if your troops have long time of training in the barracks. This also applies with your elixir spells or dark elixir spells.

If you manage to destroy a troll base with a big amount of loot the victory is yours and the regret of building a troll base is now a mistake by the defender. It is a good practice to keep your army the best troop composition so whenever or wherever you play your Clash of Clans account your army is ready to fight for you.

Getting rewarded in your Clash of Clans account

Once a troll base was defeated, the loots is yours and they will surely regret the base they choose for their defensive strategy. Keep in mind that if you’re dedicated to play the game with your Clash of Clans account, giving away the loots of your village is not an option, protect the resources you have so you can upgrade faster and progress continuously.